Jennifer Gardner Design is an award-winning,
full-service interior design firm in Seattle, Washington.

We love to blend clean, modern lines with classic elements to create timeless appeal. But more than anything, we love to artfully combine our clients’ vision with our own expertise, to create personalized spaces that feel both inspiring and inviting. 

Our collaborative approach helps clients feel involved and at ease during the entire design process, from concept to execution to celebration.

about jennifer

As principal designer on every project, Jennifer brings her signature enthusiasm and attention to detail to all her work. After receiving her degree in interior design, Jennifer traveled throughout Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and South America for inspiration, and now lives in Seattle—where she finds daily inspiration in the imaginings of her two young children.


We believe your home should reflect your personal style, not ours.
We believe that every room should contain something you love.
We believe in employing color and pattern to spark joy.
We believe in work/life balance and the power of doors.
We believe your home should have a place for everything you love and need.
We believe in design that’s kid-friendly, wine-friendly and life-friendly.
We believe that a gallery wall of family photos can inspire storytelling.
We believe (and respect) that our relationship with our home is emotional.
We believe in big family dinners and scalable dining spaces.
We believe that extra comfy seating will inspire you to invite more friends over.
We believe in lazy Sundays, and sofas you can nap on.